Belonging to a remote area of Malakand, Shahid was wheelchair bound from birth and was neglected by his family. This resulted in Shahid being unable to communicate and interact with people around him. School seemed challenging considering the limited accessibility, lack of classroom support of learning resources, facilities, untrained teachers and lack of understanding about his needs.

Minahil, a fellow student knew Shahid and his family. She had been studying in one of the DOSTI Schools and had been extremely engaged throughout her school life. Minahil particularly enjoyed and appreciated the success stories of other DOSTI students. In addition to sports activities that aim to promote a healthier lifestyle along with providing students with a fun activity, DOSTI also focuses on building basic life skills through relatable stories.  

There was one specific story that revolved around the theme of empathy, that opened Minahil’s eyes toward the challenges faced by Shahid.. Since then, she took responsibility for bringing Shahid to the school with her and taking care of him. Every day, Minahil and Hamza - a fellow classmate - pushed Shahid’s wheelchair to and from school to make him feel included. This generosity was applauded by school authorities, who awarded them with prizes in front of the whole school to set a good example. 

Shahid did not feel neglected anymore and displayed a significant change in the way he expressed himself – he started to appear happier and more excited.

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