Muhammad Azeem, a young boy from Bahawalnagar was a grade 1 student at a government elementary school. During his spare time, Azeem used to help his father take care of livestock in the community, to earn a livelihood.

After some time, Azeem stopped going to school and decided to look after the livestock with his father. His younger brother who was in the same class tried convincing him to reconsider his decision, but he had already made up his mind.

As time passed by, Azeem’s former school became affiliated with DOSTI and initiated a series of educational and enjoyable activities at the school. He heard about the activities and other sessions through his brother and noticed a significant improvement in the behaviour and habits of the students including his brother. Azeem’s brother would not stop talking about stories and games once he returned home from school and this prompted Azeem to revisit the school, helearnt about various activities going on at his school and got particularly interested in the games and other physical activities.

All of these combined, encouraged Azeem to re-enrol himself into school and be part of the DOSTI programme where he could learn and improve with others.

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