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The Next Generation Research Report 2023 comprehensively examines the perceptions of the country’s young population between the ages of 16 and 34 with a specific focus on their views, values, beliefs, and actions. It assesses in detail the challenges that Pakistan’s youth face today, how it impacts their choices and decisions, and the efforts they are undertaking to transform and improve their lives.

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Next Generation: Insecure Lives, Untold Stories 2014

Pakistan and conflict in the last 15 years have become almost synonymous. Given the widespread and frequency of conflict in the country, responsibly depicting its roots, causes and effects in a single piece of research was extremely challenging. 

With 1800 stories to tell, a network of more than 100 civil society organisations collecting data, a tough and demanding Task Force to manage, and only a month and a half to collect the bulk of data - the ‘Next Generation: Insecure Lives, Untold Stories' was nothing short of a challenge. Read the flipbook version of the report to find out how violence has impacted Pakistan.

Next Generation goes to the Ballot Box 2013

The first report in the series, explores how the country and specifically the youth have fared since the 2008 elections. The focus is on defining the issues, identity and aspirations of a strong block of first time and young voters. 

Will this be a ‘youth election’ and will this factor be strong enough to herald major political change? Read the flipbook version of the report to find out!

In a second report, we will delve more deeply into the identity and aspirations of the next generation, and how young people are being shaped by the turbulence of the times they have grown up in. 

Pakistan: The Next Generation 2009

‘Pakistan: The Next Generation report published in 2009 sparked a much-needed debate on how the country can transform itself to harness the potential of its young people. The report argued that it was time for a fresh start.

The project, led by a Task Force of eminent public figures, marks the most comprehensive investigation ever into the attitudes and needs of Pakistan's youth. Read the flipbook version of the report to find out.