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Confirmation of November Exam 2020


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As per section 236Y (Income Tax Ordinance, 2001), all international transactions made via credit or debit card are subject to advance tax deduction by the bank at rates 1% for filers and 3% for non-filers. Candidates who choose to pay online via credit / debit card for exams and / or to avail other related services with British Council Pakistan should be aware of the above applicable tax, as the British Council transactions settlement process is executed through an international merchant / banking company. Kindly note that candidates applying for exam refund under British Council refund policy, will not be refunded the advance tax amount as deducted by the bank.


Cambridge International registration for October/November 2020 deadlines, Registration window for the October / November 2020 session is now closed. 



Pearson Edexcel registration for January 2021 deadlines, registration for the session is now live. Please click here and follow the procedure to register yourself. 

The deadlines for the January 2021 exam series are below:


British Council Deadline

Normal Stage

06 October to 14 October

Late Stage 1

15 October  to 15 November

Late Stage 2

16 November  to 30 November

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