Adnan Abbas is a student of Grade 3 at Government Primary school Kalhoray wala, located in Moza Noory wala Pacca, Layyah. His story isn’t much different than most of his school mates, he has 9 other siblings and belongs to a poor family. In spite of limited means, his father Ghulam Abbass did everything to help his children receive the best education possible. 

His father once mentioned, "Adnan has been always very active and is the brightest of all my children, but whenever I used to see the standards of our education system, I usually doubted my decision to send them to school. However, since DOSTI has been introduced, the standard of Adnan’s school has shown a drastic improvement. I can’t be prouder of my decision and the achievements of my son."

Being a part of DOSTI, Adnan is now making every day count. He actively participates in every ongoing activity to make the most out of it. These activities have boosted his confidence and has given him and other children like him a platform to train their skills.  

DOSTI has made schools and studies more appealing, effective and a far more enjoyable experience, resulting in changing the lives of children in Layyah and beyond. Students have shown positive changes in their behaviour and have developed an interest in studies.

 DOSTI, through its focus on storytelling, physical activities and other skill-based learning practices, has created many stories like Adnan’s throughout Layyah. It has introduced several new and creative techniques to engage students in schools which leads to these children staying in school.

 All of this has resulted in a significant increase in the number of students staying in school in Layyah and elsewhere.

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