Generation Amazing is a programme that promotes educational and physical activities within and outside the classroom to create an exciting learning environment for students. These activities consists of classroom learning discussions and physical activities such as sports to help children stay interested in and be excited about school. 

Meet Obaid Ali, he has been working in the Welfare Association for New Generation (WANG) for the past three years in district Lasbela as a volunteer. Obaid has played an important part in implementing Generation Amazing in schools, a programme that focuses on activities and learning through sports - particularly football.  

“I’ve learned a lot while implementing this programme, especially the art of facilitation. This program helped us learn leadership skills which was lacking here. I’ve seen a major change in our students after implementing Generation Amazing in our schools.” Obaid has gained a wealth of knowledge by working with children to help give them skills and traits that will guide them in their future.

Before Generation Amazing, the retention rate of students in schools within the area had reduced to 40 percent because children were not taking interest in the curriculum. Thanks to the programme and the introduction of sports, children are now happy to participate in the activities as sports is something all children respond to in a positive way. 

Obaid tells us about the progress made by Generation Amazing; “When we initially came to this school, there were only 52 children here, and the children who were coming to school told their friends and siblings about the activities and by watching them learn key concepts and having fun along with learning, the enrolment levels increased. I am thankful to the ILMPOSSIBLE and Generation Amazing programme which is focusing on the retention of students in our schools.”

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