DOSTI aims to create a difference by breaking social barriers and promoting community cohesion by making sports an integral part of the social life of youth in Karachi.

The Project facilitates youth development in select locations in Karachi by working through schools, local sports clubs, civil society partners and other stakeholders to engage both in-school and out of school youth in activities that promote intergroup understanding and interaction. The programme uses national and local resources as well as UK expertise to build capacity of partners and participants.

DOSTI enjoys extensive patronage from the Government of Sindh’s Departments of Sports, Education and Youth. Law Enforcing agencies like the Home Department, City Police, City Administration (Commissioner), Citizens- Police Liaison Committee, Committee for Monitoring and Improvement of Schools and the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

This programme has two main components under the umbrella of ‘conflict resolution and peace through sports’:

Sports for Excellence

Sports for Excellence caters to a group of young people who exhibit exceptional skill and talent and are motivated to play professionally. The British Council helps by partnering with local sports academies to provide high level coaching and training.

Sports for Peace

Sports for Peace engages with a much wider audience including community members and young people irrespective of their skills and ability levels. In addition to strictly sports related events a wide array of activities are organised to mobilise community support and involve community members to address different dimensions of personal development for young people.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the DOSTI programme, please get in touch.

The Children of DOSTI
Dosti Team
Children sitting in the audience at a DOSTI event

DOSTI Implementation Partners

  • Peace Education Welfare Organisation
  • Karachi United Football Foundation
  • Zindagi Trust- SMB FJ Government Girls School
  • Federation of Pakistan for Chambers of Commerce and Industries -  Committee for Monitoring and Improvement of Schools
  • SEED Pakistan
  • Sports Management Systems

DOSTI Strategic Partners


  • Active Communities Network – United Kingdom
  • School of Leadership – Pakistan
  • Karachi United Football Foundation - Pakistan

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