Safeer Ahmed was one of the brightest and most hardworking students at GBHS Sardar Badini. He was very dedicated and would spend most of his time studying. However, as he was always reading, it had an impact on his wellbeing and ultimately affected his eyesight. 

During this time, Safeer’s school was selected for DOSTI activities. Sana Ullah, the DOSTI Coordinator of Nushki knew about Safeer and tried to engage him in some physical activities as well. The socialising and interaction of group activities and sports helped Safeer out of his shell. His parents noticed the change in their child and thanked everyone for helping their son grow and groom himself into a better and well-rounded student at this very important stage of life. 

Physical education is a vital part of a child’s development. Sana Ullah emphasized the importance of physical education by saying,

"I strongly believe that physical activities play a major role in keeping students healthy as these activities help in building up their strength and in return shields them from all kinds of diseases. DOSTI has done a remarkable job with making teachers and parents realize that sports and other physical activities are as important as studies.”

The consistent hard work of Safeer along with the effort of DOSTI helped change his and many other children’s lives in a short span of time. The British Council along with the DOSTI programme has helped countless children from across Pakistan continue to engage in an education system supporting physical activities, sports and mentorship.

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