Through this initiative, we aim to acknowledge and celebrate achievements of our test takers and partner institutions. Our goal is not only to recognise the remarkable efforts of our partner institutes in delivering excellent results for their candidates but also the brilliance of their candidates who took  IELTS with British Council and who were helped by British Council in realizing their dreams of studying or emigrating abroad.

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is the world’s most popular high stakes English-language test for study, work and migration, with more than 2.2 million tests taken each year. IELTS assesses all of your English skills - reading, writing, listening, and speaking - and is designed to reflect real life use of English - at study, at work, and at play.

No matter where you take the test, IELTS marking is done to very high standards by trained examiners.

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What our IELTS candidates say


Sabahat Hamid

Band score: 7.5. Agent's name: Sir Shirazi's Academy. I enjoyed the IELTS exam with the British Council, especially the listening module with the headphones. I got my desired result. Sir Shirazi worked really hard to achieve this.

Ariha Fatimah

Band score: 7.5. Agent's name: Sir Faisal Naseer. IELTS with minimum 6 bands was a requirement since I am not a native English speaker. By the grace of the Almighty, my mother and Sir Faisal Naseer's efforts, my skills got polished and carved. Eventually I was able to achieve a gold score of 7.5 bands. IELTS with British Council has given me the capability and potential to study anywhere of my choice.

Faraz Ahmed Sulaiman

Band score: 7.5. Agent's name: Sir Faisal Naseer. By giving the IELTS exam with the British Council in March 2017, I was able to attain a desirable band score and now am eligible to apply for higher studies in Europe and fulfil my dream of studying in the European Union.


Kanwal Junaid

Band score: 7. Agent's name: Sir Shirazi's Academy. It was a very nice experience to appear for IELTS exam through the British Council. The staff was found to be cooperative. Mr. Shirazi really helped me a lot and guided me very well to obtain my IELTS result.

Naveed Ahmed Khan

Band score: 6.5. Agent's name: Inam Academy of IELTS. I was a bit nervous starting off my IELTS assessment training, but guidance of Sir Inam released my tension. Sir Inam motivated me and made me realise that I can do well on the test to meet the minimum threshold. As far as IELTS with the British Council is concerned, it was a good experience for me to perform this under the shadow of British Council. I found the staff to be very friendly and respectful and the arrangements made were great.

Omer Ijaz

Band score: 7. Agent's name: Sir Shirazi's Academy. I enjoyed very much at Sir Shirazi's Academy. Because of proper guidelines, I got the required bands. Listening via headphones was a great experience that only the British Council provides.

Saqib Jawaid

Band score: 7. Agent's name: Sir Shirazi's Academy. British Council is the best place for IELTS exam. I had a great experience. Furthermore, Sir Shirazi's Academy is the best place for IELTS preparation.

Adnan Aslam

Band score: 7. Agent's name: Wise Home College of Modern Languages Kharian. This band score is my requirement and thanks to Sir Danish Aziz who helped me in every way to improve my proficiency. I'm sure that without Sir Danish's help it was a difficult task. British Council is the best organisation which opens new doors of opportunities for us. Now I'm able to apply in a good level university to continue my studies in the field of commerce.

Ahsan Ejaz

Band score: 7. Agent's name: Wise Home College of Modern Languages Kharian. I, Ahsan Ejaz completed my IELTS in October 2016 from the British Council. British Council provides the best facilities and a great ambiance during the course to their students which helps them for their bright future. British Council helped me in achieving my goals to study in Canada.


Ammara Hussain

Band Score: 7.0 Registered from: WISE Home College of Modern Languages. I am very happy with the bands I scored in IELTS. I am very grateful to Sir Danish Aziz for guiding and encouraging me to achieve my desired bands as it was my dream to pursue my higher education in the UK. Furthermore, I would like to thank the British Council for providing me this opportunity and providing a good test environment and facilities. 

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