Through this initiative, we aim to acknowledge and celebrate achievements of our test takers and partner institutions. Our goal is not only to recognise the remarkable efforts of our partner institutes in delivering excellent results for their candidates but also the brilliance of their candidates who took  IELTS with British Council and who were helped by British Council in realizing their dreams of studying or emigrating abroad.

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is the world’s most popular high stakes English-language test for study, work and migration, with more than 3  million tests taken each year. IELTS assesses all of your English skills - reading, writing, listening, and speaking - and is designed to reflect real life use of English - at study, at work, and at play.

No matter where you take the test, IELTS marking is done to very high standards by trained examiners.

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What our IELTS candidates say

Muhammad Ali


Band Score: 7.5 Registered from: Sir Shirazi's Academy, Karachi (Member of the IELTS Partnership Programme). My previous IELTS score was a disappointing 5.5. This time, I went to Sir Shirazi's Academy for my IELTS preparation. It was very useful. The lessons were great and they used a lot of mock tests to prepare us for the exam. As a result, I scored a band of 7.5. The British Council staff at the exam day was very helpful and the entire process of registration and exam was very quick.



Muhammad Omar

Band Score: 7.0 Registered from: ABN Overseas Education (Member of the IELTS Partnership Programme) British Council is the globally accepted institution for the IELTS exam. Scoring the required band score has a great impact on one's academic and professional career. I am very happy to score an overall band score of 7.0 and this was because of the simple tips given to the students by Ms Fatima and Ms Zunaira at ABN.

Muhammad Osama Anwer

Band Score: 7.0 Registered from: Sir Shirazi's Academy (Member of the IELTS Partnership Programme) It was an extremely pleasant experience to take the IELTS Exam with the British Council. I would like to mention Sir Shirazi’s efforts in guiding students, especially through regular mock exams.As a result, I was able to score the desired band. The British Council was helpful in guiding students at the exam day. 


Muhammad Zain Shams

Band Score: 7.0 Registered from: Emerging Visions, Islamabad (Member of the IELTS Partnership Programme) It was due to the hard work of my teacher Sir Ali for training me for IELTS exams.I was able to secure the required band score. His friendly behaviour provided a very conducive environment for all the students. Keeping up with the already existing traditions,the British council this time also conducted the IELTS exam in a very friendly environment.

Quratulain Saeed Faruqi

Band Score: 7.5 Registered from: Emerging Visions, Islamabad (Member of the IELTS Partnership Programme) I would like to thank Sir Ali at Emerging Visions who helped me out with the IELTS test at British Council. From the individual headphone sets to the invigilators, everything was aimed at making the experience for candidates as comfortable as it could be. The promptness of the result on the 13th day is also a factor with which British Council has raised the bar for other competitors.

Sehrish Khalid

Band Score: 8.0 Registered from: Seema's IELTS Academy, Karachi (Member of the IELTS Partnership Programme). I took the IELTS exam few months ago, but my result was not satisfactory. I decided to join Ms. Seema and she gave me intense preparatory sessions with tips and techniques that were easy to follow and understand. Furthermore, I am thankful to the British Council in providing excellent services on the day of the exam.

Shafia Ahmed

Band Score: 7.0 Registered from: Sir Shirazi's Academy, Karachi (Member of the IELTS Partnership Programme) I am happy because I was able to score the required band score, thanks to Sir Shirazi. He guided me really well throughout the period I studied there. Of course, I believe that the British Council is the most professional organization for the IELTS exam. The staff was very courteous and helpful during the exam day. Everything went smoothly. 

Mr Shaheer Abdullah

Band Score: 7.0 Registered from: Emerging Visions, Islamabad (Member of the IELTS Partnership Programme) Taking the IELTS test was an amazing experience for me. For the preparation my teacher, Sir Ali, helped me a lot. The test preparation was very well managed and the individual sessions really helped me in overcoming my shortcomings.The British Council provided a lot of facilities and especially the invigilators, who were very co-operative. Overall, it was an amazing experience.

Shayan Ahmed

Band Score: 7.0 Registered from: Sir Shirazi's Academy, Karachi  (Member of the IELTS Partnership Programme) I am very satisfied with the environment provided by the British Council for IELTS exam. Furthermore, I want to thank Sir Shirazi who guided me really well and prepared us via mock exams. I would recommend Sir Shirazi's academy to everyone that want great band scores.

Sohail Ahmed Khan

Band Score: 7.5 Registered from: Emerging Visions, Islamabad (Member of the IELTS Partnership Programme) I scored 7.5 band score and that is because of the efforts of my teacher, Mr Muhammad Ali. Now, I can easily apply for my higher studies in Australia. IELTS with British Council has given me the opportunity to full-fill my dream of studying abroad. I would also like to present my gratitude to my teacher, Sir Ali for guiding me at each and every step by giving me his personalised attention.

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