Through this initiative, we aim to acknowledge and celebrate achievements of our test takers and partner institutions. Our goal is not only to recognise the remarkable efforts of our partner institutes in delivering excellent results for their candidates but also the brilliance of their candidates who took  IELTS with British Council and who were helped by British Council in realizing their dreams of studying or emigrating abroad.

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is the world’s most popular high stakes English-language test for study, work and migration, with more than 2.2 million tests taken each year. IELTS assesses all of your English skills - reading, writing, listening, and speaking - and is designed to reflect real life use of English - at study, at work, and at play.

No matter where you take the test, IELTS marking is done to very high standards by trained examiners.

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What our IELTS candidates say

Zoma Ahmed Shaikh

Band Score: 7.0 Agents Name: Sir Faisal Naseer's IELTS Academy, Karachi. Taking the IELTS exam with the British Council was a great idea as I wanted to get 6.5 overall in my IELTS examination, but my teacher Sir Faisal always pushed me to achieve 7 or more. I did not disappoint him and managed to get a band score of 7. I owe this to the guidance and tips provided by Sir Fasal Naseer. 

Syed Sanan Zia Gilani

Band score: 7. Agent's name: Roma Institute of Modern Studies. I'm glad to score 7.0 in IELTS Academic as it was my dream to pursue my post graduate degree from Australia. I'm thankful to Almighty Allah, my family and Roma Institute of Modern Studies administration and faculty for providing me excellent learning session. The material, valuable suggestions and 'mock IELTS' exposed me to the format of questions possible in the IELTS exam. Thanks British Council in Pakistan!  

Mussab Ali

Band score: 7. Agent's name: ABN Overseas Education. Studying at ABN was a biography changing experience for me, literally. The ambiance provided there by the brilliant madam Fatima was stunning! I'm appreciating her because of her amazing skill to deal with each student differently by working separately on everyone. Also, their guidance for taking the test with British Council provided extremely fruitful for me. Also, their test dates are readily available and the procedure is easy to follow.

Noor-E-Hira Ahmer

Band score: 8. Agent's name: ABN Overseas Education. One thing outstanding about the British Council is the quality of results that they are maintaining. The service of staff out there at exam centre is really good. They cooperate with every student individually if they encounter any problem out there. Choosing ABN to prepare for IELTS and British Council for taking this test was a good decision, it was a good experience. I'm really thankful to ma'am Fatima Mazhar as she was very supportive.

Rida Naz

Band score: 7.5. Agent's name: ABN Overseas Education. Many thanks to British Council for helping me get this score. Had I not taken the test with British Council, it won't have been possible for me to achieve this score. Secondly, ABN IELTS coaching is among the best in town. The way ma'am Fatima brushed up my skills in quite limited time, is unmatchable. She is immensely cooperative and considerate. I am wholeheartedly thankful to my IELTS trainer and ABN team.

Syed Faizan Zia Gilani

Band score: 7.5. Agent's name: Roma Institute of Modern Studies. I managed to score 7.5 bands in IELTS Academic for my higher studies in Canada. I must say that I couldn't have achieved that high score without mentorship of my expert IELTS facilitator Ms. Mona Malik in RIMS Institute. I felt that their support during my training session was more than 'service rather business' as it helped an aspirant like me to realise my potential dream. Finally, many thanks to my family and friends.

Ahmed Faraz

Band score: 7. Agent's name: ABN Overseas Education. British Council is a platform where your dreams come true. The authenticity of its result is what made my mind to take it with the British Council. Also, ABN is an exceptional place to make your dreams come true. Studying at ABN IELTS was my smartest decision. The classroom atmosphere reflects quality of learning. Foremost, Miss Fatima Mazhar is well poised, enthusiastic and motivating.

Asif Wasim

Band score: 7. Agent's name: Sir Shirazi's Academy. The way British Council organised the IELTS exam was fabulous. I felt really comfortable in the examination hall. Also, it was a great experience during IELTS preparation at Sir Shirazi's Academy.

Maryam Tariq

Band score: 7.5. Agent's name: ABN Overseas Education. The service provided by British Council staff is really appreciable. Everyone is very cooperative and working an extra mile to maintain their standards and quality. Furthermore, choosing ABN to prepare for IELTS and British Council for taking this test was a good decision, it was a great learning experience. I'm really thankful to ma'am Fatima Mazhar as she was very supportive and helped me get a good band score. I'm also grateful to ABN.

Faraz Ahmed

Band score: 7.5. Agent's name: Sir Faisal Naseer. Being on the full time job and having tough schedule, I was in dreadful need of a mentor who can facilitate and prepare me for IELTS. I am pretty grateful to Sir Faisal Naseer for enabling me to get my desired bands. Additionally, IELTS with British Council was a phenomenal experience and British Council provides marvelous facilities to the students. British Council is wise when it says, IELTS with British Council is easier than you think.

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