female student in classroom

This study aims to identify disparities between skills required by the employment market in Sindh, skills available in the young adult population and skills being taught by further education skills institutes. Currently, the labour force in Pakistan is increasing faster than the population dependent upon it- to be able to capitalise on these ‘democratic dividends’ and achieve maximum economic and social development, it is crucial to ensure that the skill development of the labour force is in line with labour market demands. This study focused on identifying areas where there was little or no alignment, in the hope that subsequently this could be corrected. Surveys were distributed to employers, graduates and representatives of skills institutes. The report found several areas where there were clear disparities; however the most significant differences seemed to be in the area of English.  Ultimately, the study demonstrated that English is a crucial skill in the Sindh employment market, but it is not an area of focus for training institutions and graduates do not have the required skills.  The study therefore recommends incorporating English into the TVET curriculum, as well as increasing efficiency, monitoring and evaluation and promotion of TVET programmes.