The university system in Pakistan has grown considerably since the first university—the University of the Punjab in Lahore—was established in 1882 in the territory that now constitutes Pakistan. Since the establishment of the HEC in 2002, the number of universities in Pakistan has grown dramatically through accreditation of both pre-existing colleges and newly-established academic institutions. Today, over 45,000 faculty members at over 193 accredited universities across the country educate approximately 1.4 million students.

This ground breaking report canvassed academic and research institutions and experts across the country to shed light on the multi-faceted challenges facing the sector, the successful initiatives that are already underway and begin to draw a roadmap which would allow Pakistani research to flourish, establish stronger links with government and industry, diversify funding streams and generate meaningful impact.  It also proposes a set of recommendations to policymakers and academic leaders, with the hope that the implementation of these will further cultivate a research culture in Pakistan.