Homelands, one of the year’s most anticipated exhibitions travelled to Lahore and Karachi this year.

Works by 28 of the world’s leading contemporary artists from the British Council Collection showcased at the exhibition.

Cutting to the heart of 21st century cultural relations, Homelands grapples with the relationship between self and place in a world of transitory identities and contested geographies. Culled from the art collection of the British Council, the exhibition is a unique take on contemporary British art by the Indian curator, Latika Gupta. Including more than 80 works by 28 leading modern and contemporary artists, Homelands excavates the idea of a ‘homeland’ to reveal a rich plurality of meaning; ideas of belonging, alienation, history and memory.

“Today, many of us move across national boundaries. We are born in one country, we make another our home. In the criss-crossing of political, social and cultural borders, we live our lives through hyphenated identities: belonging here and there; inhabiting multiple places - both physical and metaphorical. What constitutes a homeland? Is it ethnicity? Language? Religion? Customs and beliefs? Are homelands those in which our ancestors were born? What of outsiders who live and make other lands their homes? Where do we really belong?” – Latika Gupta, Curator

Homelands rolled out a multi-layered programme that included public exhibitions in Lahore and Karachi, guided tours, outreach activities and workshops.

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