In 2014, to commemorate the 450th birth anniversary of the eminent English playwright, William Shakespeare, British Council and National Academy of Performing Arts Repertory Theatre collaborated on the production of one of his classics, ‘The Winter’s Tale’ - titled Fasana-e-Ajaib in its Urdu rendition.

Directed by British Director, Gregory Thompson, with sets and costumes designed by Louie Whitemore, the musical rendition brought together a cast of NAPA’s alumni.  Reflecting on the two months of intense rehearsals prior to show, actor Fawad Khan said, “I found the entire process extremely fruitful and great fun. We looked at how to approach scriptwriting, how to create a team, to make rehearsals enjoyable, and of course, how to infuse creative energy within the whole experience. I feel I learnt many things and got to clear many concepts that I was previously unclear about as a young actor. Gregory Thompson, in particular, was great to work with; if given the chance, I’d love to work with him again”.


The play ran for seven nights with some shows specifically for children.