The students share what they know about monkeys and write their information on paper monkeys which can be hung together to create a display.

Target language: monkeys have + [noun] / monkeys like + [noun or V-ing] / monkeys can + [verb] / monkeys are + [adjective]

In this special lesson for World Monkey Day from the British Council Teaching English website, the students will share what they know about monkeys and make a display for the classroom.

Students play an animal miming game, then share what they know about monkeys with the class. The teacher will guide the students to form their ideas into correct sentences. The students write sentences on paper monkeys and hang them up to create a display.

Students enjoy this lesson because it features fun, physical activities. From the teacher’s point of view, it introduces the students to the idea of word classes and sentence patterns without using exact grammar terms like “verb” and “adjective.”

Listen to teachers talking about how they would adapt this lesson:

You can download additional resources such as the collocation chart or a template of a monkey

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