A workshop at the Karachi library

The British Council library membership gives you access to a world of entertainment and knowledge. Our libraries in Karachi and Lahore are collaborative, community spaces where we offer you experiences!

We support learning opportunities in a vibrant social space where you can meet friends, explore our carefully curated collection, attend a book launch, develop your skills in a hands-on workshop, enjoy a concert or theatre performance, or bring your little ones for a children’s event!

Our Digital Library

And that’s not all, we offer you licensed content and some of the best learning and entertainment resources in our Digital Library collection. Get remote access to our Digital Library that has no boundaries – stream theatre productions, go through academic journals, read a magazine or newspaper, or listen to music on the go or from the comfort of your home, with unlimited online access, from anywhere in Pakistan.

Whether you want a co-working space, a reading nook, or access to some of the best events and activities in the city, you’ll find everything you need here at the British Council libraries.