Too many travel restrictions for a summer holiday? We feel you.
You may not be able to jump on a plane this summer, but there’s still a way to experience some overseas escapism – without packing a suitcase!

Make the most of your time off with the British Council Digital Library, and enjoy your stay-cation no matter where you are. Sit back and take a virtual vacation by catching up on some reading from your TBR list or finally watching that film that you’ve been meaning to see.

Book-to-screen adaptations

Summer 2021 has arrived with hot days and even hotter reads – dive into these wildly popular books that were recently adapted for TV or film!

Reader favourites

With holidaying still largely off the cards, many of us are staying close to home this summer. Let us transport you to a different setting with some wonderful holiday reads for this season! Take a look at our top picks in fiction:

Award-winning films

Whether you’re able to get away this summer or are enjoying a stay-cation like us, check out these recommended films from the Digital Library to help you soak up some foreign culture:

Screen cover titles
Book and film titles
Book and film covers