Grafitti on a brick wall that says 'You are the book that I never want to finish reading': CC Jean-Latour

From the catalogue:

‘The Silkworm’ (2014) by Robert Gailbraith

Writing under her crime fiction alias, J K Rowling spins a gripping tale of mystery and intrigue. Private detective, Cormoran Strike takes on the case which soon becomes a race against time to catch a killer.

‘Burnt Shadows’ (2009) by Kamila Shamsie

‘Burnt Shadows’ takes its reader around the world, following two families: one of German-English descent, and the other Japanese-Pakistani. As lives intersect and tensions bubble, Burnt Shadows is a great story with plenty of food for thought.

‘The New Collected Short Stories’ (2010) By Jeffrey Archer

If you need something more bite-sized, try best-selling author, Jeffrey Archer’s spellbinding stories. Journey from India, where two teens fall in love waiting for the lights to change, to Italy, where a hotel receptionist and customer share an encounter, and beyond.

From our digital library

If you don’t enjoy reading but love stories, why not try audiobooks?

‘All That Man Is’ (2016) BY David Szalay

‘All that Man Is’ takes a look at human complexity and man’s infinite variety. From the wide-eyed seventeen-year-old exploring Eastern Europe, to the elderly man coming to terms with his senility, the book captures what it means to live a life full of contradiction and colour.

‘Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography’ (2011) By Walter Isaacson

There is no doubt that Jobs was a truly innovative thinker and has revolutionised how we communicate. Here, Isaacson gives a detailed and thought-provoking account of Jobs’ professional and personal life

‘His Bloody Project’ (2015) By Graeme Macrae Burnet

‘His Bloody Project’ explores the grim case of a murderer accused of slaying three innocent people. Writer, Graeme Macrae Burnet, delves into the mind of a killer, examining what might drive a young man to such atrocious violence.