While Covid restrictions may have dampened the spirit of monsoon this year, it hasn’t stopped us from feasting on mouth-watering fried foods and indulging in our favourite books!

Make the most of your time at home with monsoon favourites from the British Council Digital Library.

Cosy up with these monsoon reads

If you’re a reader like us, the rainy season is the perfect time to grab a steaming cup of chai with crispy pakoras, AND a great book – match made in heaven? We think so!

Whether its drizzling or pouring outdoors, why not dip your toes into our favourite rainy-day books that will transport you to faraway lands while it roars and thunders outside?

Learn new skills and keep the boredom at bay

Summer is the perfect time to pursue new interests and hobbies. With travel and outdoor activities being quite limited, use your spare time to learn something new with online training courses and tutorials in the British Council Digital Library.

Bake away the rainy days

Cook up a storm with comforting recipes that hit the spot, from our collection of cook-books in the Digital Library. Cosy up at home with sweet treats that you can enjoy on a rainy day and even after the sun returns!

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