Whether you are looking for a new job, or want to make the most of your potential in your current position, there’s always room to learn.

Hoonuit , which is available to library members, has brilliant training videos designed to teach you career skills and inspire you. We’ve also got plenty of books in our catalogues to help you brush up on everything from interview technique to time management. Today is the day to become the best version of yourself: whether it’s getting that new job, securing that promotion, impressing your boss or leading your team with verve.

Find your dream job

Finding your dream job is all about marrying your passions and interests with what skills and abilities you can bring to a company. It’s crucial to think hard about what you would be good at and what makes you feel fulfilled on a day to day basis. At the same time, consider where you would like to be in five or ten years, and what the building blocks to achieving that goal are.

Once you know what you want to do and you are sure it is the right step for you, it’s time to start applying…

Get your dream job

The next step in the journey is landing that dream job, whatever it may be. Getting your foot on the ladder can be hard, but there are things you can do to improve your chances exponentially.

Take a look at our training on Best Practices for Creating a Resumé to avoid common pitfalls and put your best self across.

Once you’ve sent in your resumé and cover letter, you will be invited to an interview. The interview is your chance to give your prospective employers a sense of your personality and whether you would be the right match for their company. You need to make a strong impression and convince the panel that you can make a real success of the role you’re your specific skills, abilities and outlook.

Interviews can be daunting experiences, and you would be surprised how often people make common mistakes. Boost your confidence and nail your interview by looking at our Interview Techniques .

Heather Salter also offers handy tips in her book, Interview Secrets, available in our catalogue.

Numerous jobs need you to demonstrate a portfolio of work which shows off your abilities. Creating a digital portfolio can put you above other candidates, since you can simply send prospective employers a link where they can browse through your work in their own time. Take a look at our Creating Digital Portfolios videos to get some tips on what could make your work stand out.

Nail your dream job

Once you are in your dream role, it’s vital that you keep striving to improve and make an impact on the company. Too often people overlook the basic skills that can create positive working relationships with clients and colleagues.

Effective communication and listening skills are essential if you are going to keep moving forward in your career. Try our Communication Tune Up Training , and our Effective Listening Training training is essential viewing. Listening is not just about hearing what someone is saying, but actively engaging with their opinions and ideas, and sometimes finding a compromise.

Martin Manser has a brilliant series of career building books, including Successful Business Communication in a Week , which is well worth a look.

Often a failure to listen can lead to conflict in the workplace. Conflict itself is not something to fear: it will inevitably arise at some point in your career journey. However, resolving conflict effectively takes real skill. Hoonuit has a series of videos on Navigating Relational Conflict which break down the causes of conflict, to tactics for finding a compromise and going forward.

Plenty of people talk a big game, but few people go out and really get things done. Make sure you are someone who can execute an idea successfully from start to finish if you truly want to be noticed. Learning the Art of Execution is your first step.

Decision making is a central factor in getting things done: people who hesitate or make poorly informed decisions can hold themselves and their organisation back. Become more decisive with our tutorials here.

Having a grasp of how to persuade and influence others will open doors for you, both in negotiations but in your everyday life. Learn more about The Art of Influence or for some informative reading, try Mike Clayton’s Brilliant Influence: What the Most Influential People Know, Do and Say. Understanding psychology and behaviour can be the key to successful business relationships and behaviours.

Time management is something that catches a lot of people out: knowing how to prioritise and work efficiently can be tough. If you find time slipping through your fingers, then you need to brush up on your time management with these video tutorials.
Again, Mike Clayton has the answers with his book, Brilliant Time Management: What the Most Productive People Know, Do and Say

All in all, true career success comes from a combination of factors, and it is crucial to continue cultivating a range of skills if you want to progress. Putting aside time to learn and develop will put you in good stead to achieve your long term goals.