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British Council Library is here to help you meet your goals!

Do you want to get ahead? Then you will need more than just good grades; you need to develop your life skills. We’re here to help you improve everything from your communication skills to how you approach networking and social media.

This month the British Council Library is here to help you crush your goals! Our collection of books and helpful videos will give you the boost you need. It’s time to get out your planner and stop procrastinating, because the best life hack for your future is hard work!

Rev up your communication skills!

This month, learn to master any form of communication be it verbal or written. Our selection of books and online resources are bound to inspire you to bring your A-game to any discussion you partake in, be it professional, personal or on social media.

It’s your time to shine through! Become an unforgettable speaker by following Carmine Gallo’s simple nine-step guide to public speaking in Talk Like TED: The 9 Public Speaking Secrets of the World’s Top Minds.

Library members get exclusive access to unparalleled online training resources. Why not brush up your communication skills with expert Brian Shapiro’s discussion on emotional context, language, empathy.

If you want to brush up your Business Writing, try this online module which is bound to help you wow your professors and employers on paper.

Ready, set, network!

Whether you are chasing your dream job, or aspire to start your own business in the future, networking is the key.

Who better to learn the art of communication from than the likes of Barack Obama and Martin Luther King? On Message: Precision Communication for the Digital Age by Theobald Theo is power-packed book with notes and exercises to help you get your message across.

Being a global citizen means connecting with individuals across borders. With our module Being Savvy Online, learn how to protect your identity on social media. Let the world in on your adventures and stay safe as you network online!

Be your own brand!

Why wait around for a window of opportunity? It’s time to make that idea you have on the back burner happen!

Get out your journal and take notes on setting SMART goals with our online module Goal Setting.

All set to pursue your dreams? Try our module on Resume Writing to create an eye-catching résumé and let the world know how fantastic you are.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, so start building your empire one step at a time with this online training Successful Time Management available to library members.