Saahil ki Kahaaniyan - Stories from the Coast is a collaborative project by Karachi-based Koel Gallery and the Birmingham-based Transforming Narratives Project, supported by Arts Council England and the British Council.

The project aims to raise awareness through artistic engagement of the impact of climate change on the coastal areas of Pakistan, particularly its fragile Mangrove Ecosystem, with a view to promoting sustainable coastal development.

In February 2022, the project will award grants to Pakistan-based artists and arts organisations exploring this theme through a variety of mediums including visual and performing arts, culminating in a curated showcase of their work in August 2022. There will also be a talk series which runs alongside the artistic responses to the theme, supporting a body of research that combines art, science and communities.

Some of the areas explored through this project include:

  • History of the coastal areas
  • Convergence of the sweet water of the River Indus and the salty water of the Arabian Sea
  • Mangrove conservation efforts
  • Biodiversity of the coastline including migratory birds
  • Fisherfolk communities
  • Artistic contributions to climate change research


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