The project through an open call has awarded four grants to proposals co-developed between Pakistan and UK partners that offer opportunities for cross-cultural creative practices, knowledge exchange and new artistic work. The following pieces of work are being delivered under this project:

Reimagining Freedom

Reimaging Freedoms aims to train young artists from across the Pakistan and UK out of which 5 will be selected to produce visual art pieces. The project is called re-imagining freedoms and the artists will be invited to create content involving freedom, identity, displacement, forced migration, political challenges, love, belonging etc. The project will support artists to develop their reach, creativity, and leadership and give them the opportunity to be inspired by the best in the field of arts from both Pakistan and the UK.

The project is being delivered by Indus Valley School of Art and Design and Tongues on Fire.

Glacial Stories and the Ghaib

Glacial Stories and the Ghaib is a story telling project through which they will create an experimental video of an expedition by women venturing to the Gilgit Baltistan region to study its vulnerability to climate-change. They will work with indigenous communities and experts who understand the lands to recognize the severe impact climate change has and will continue to have on indigenous people particularly with a gender lense. The programme will also touch upon themes of sustainable tourism and migration.

The project is being delivered by a Lahore based art collective – Pak Khawateen Painting Club and Lumen Studios in the UK.

Bridging the Gap

Bridging The Gap is a cross-cultural exchange between collectives from Pakistan and England. British-based musicians of Pakistani origin will be coming to Pakistan to conduct masterclasses, workshops and perform a mini-tour of the country. Young Pakistani musicians will gain insightful knowledge into creating electronic music, how to market yourself and learning instruments. The young people selected and involved in these workshops will then go on to create a collaborative EP which will be released on Cape Monze Records. Jaubi, the Pakistani band, will then tour the UK in August, performing at renowned venue Union Chapel in London while also recording their upcoming work at Real World Studios.

The project is being delivered by Cape Monze records in Pakistan and Chalo HQ in the UK.

On the Hour - Dance Kahanyan

On the Hour: Dance Kahanyan interrogates the function of dance in contemporary urban and rural society. It explores culture, practice, and modes of co-creating new narratives with artists, young people and women’s/girls/female-identifying community groups in Pakistan and the UK. This is done through live dance, films and documentaries shared in live-streamed performances and online.

The project is being delivered by Wahab Shah Dance Company in Pakistan and Inspirate in the UK.