Photo credits: Tim P. Whitby

What Is Seen and What Is Not

Osman Yousefzada has been commissioned by The British Council, in partnership with the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Pakistan High Commission, as the lead interdisciplinary artist and designer for the 75-year programming for Pakistani independence.

Osman’s work is a tripartite of site-specific works, and will bring together textiles, wrapped objects and a seating installation to showcase the rich variety of traditional and contemporary Pakistani craftsmanship. Together, the works present Osman’s unique and highly personal perspective on migratory experience and identity and offers a subtle and contemplative space to engage with objects and craft techniques rooted in the heritages of Pakistani culture. Working collaboratively with local craftsmen, Osman has developed new techniques and stitches - working on non-traditional materials, which he complements with painting, producing a body of work reflecting on shrines and ritualised spaces of transcendence.

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Osman Yousefzada