SCWC '14 - Team Pakistan

DOSTI has started demonstrating its impact in a big way by involving youth at high risk from within broader socio-economically deprived areas of Karachi. Showing the beacon forward and providing a platform for the young people involved in gangs, youth crime, anti-social behaviour and those deemed to be exhibiting risk factors that can draw them into such behaviours DOSTI has been able to make a difference to their lives.

All of this has been possible due to the commitment, passion and hard work of our delivery partners.  So as a result of this, three out of nine boys were selected to become part of Team Pakistan. In its debut participation in the Street Child World Cup in March this year, Team Pakistan made history by securing third place in the football tournament that took place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The team gave exceptional performance and acclaimed national and international fame. The tournament included teams from 20 countries across the world.

Azad Foundation a civil society organisation working to help street children in Pakistan and a partner of DOSTI did extensive advocacy and lobbying with support from Pakistanis around the globe to secure a place in the Street Child World Cup 2014 to represent Pakistan and street connected children of the country.

DOSTI participants Rajab, Meher and Awais were selected along with the rest of the team after undergoing football trials and psychological assessment.


The Street Child World Cup is a joint venture by Amos Trust (who founded Street Child World Cup in 2010), Momentum Arts (which led the arts programme in Durban 2010) and Action for Brazil’s Children (who hosted the event in 2014). This Joint Venture partnership is called Street Child United and is a registered UK charity. The aim is to provide a platform for street children to be heard, to challenge negative stereotypes of street children and to promote the rights of street children.

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