Sometimes an employer/university or any other requesting body may require verification or certification of your results certificate before offering a job or place. The British Council offers both Certification and Verification services for your IGCSE, International GCSE, A/AS- Level and Professional certificates if required. Please go through their details below and apply for the relevant service as per your requirements. 


Verification is the process of ensuring that original documents are genuine. The verifying authority is confirming the validity of the document to the person/organisation relying on the verified document (e.g. an employer, an educational institution, etc.) 

Before verifying, we will check your documents with the issuing authority for confirmation on their originality. Up to four verified (stamped and signed) photocopies per document would be provided- please inform us if there are any additional requirements before applying for the service so we assist you accordingly. 

Note: Please inform us beforehand if you are applying for the verification service for legalisation purposes so we are able to assist you accordingly- To process verification requests for legalization purposes, the original certificate must be stamped; copies are NOT acceptable to the FCDO for legalization purposes in any country. 

Whilst British Council makes every effort to verify results in agreed time frames, this is dependent on the request time. This further varies depending on your request, location and awarding bodies.

You may apply to have your results verified by filling out and following the details on the application form:

  • For Verification & Attestation form for Cambridge International Certificates, Edexcel GCE/International IGCSE & Professional Qualifications, please refer to download section below.


Certification is confirmation that a photocopy is a true copy of an original document. 

Under Certification, only photocopies of the original document are stamped and signed using the standard certification stamp. The document, in this case, is not checked and confirmed with the issuing authority; hence the British Council does not accept any responsibility for confirming the authenticity of the original document. 

To apply for this service, please fill out and follow the details on the application form: Download and complete the Certification Application Form  


Occasionally, a form or certificate may contain incorrect or incomplete information, such as a mistake with the spelling of your name, address, date of birth or other information. 

If you are a school student, tell your teacher or school exams co-ordinator as soon as possible about any mistakes. Private candidates should contact their local British Council Office. Initially, within one month after the result announcements, changes in details are free of charge; however, requests after the deadline will be charged a fee.

Note: Replacement certificates/certifying statements will not be provided by Cambridge to accommodate a subsequent name change. Requests for this service must be made within an 18 month time frame from the date of issue of the original Certificates.


For school students and private candidates: Before applying to have your paper remarked, you can request for the component grades/breakup of that particular subject. This may help you decide whether to go ahead with re-marking, or whether a retake is the better option.

For schools and exam officers: You can apply to access original scripts to support teaching and learning. However, Enquiries About Results (EAR) requests cannot be carried out on any papers following this application. 

To find out how much this service costs please get in touch.


If you have lost your exam results certificate, or need another copy of your results to be sent to an organisation, we can issue you with a certifying statement. For this you would need to complete the certifying statement application form below, and return it with the appropriate fee to the British Council address mentioned on

The form explains what you need to do before we can send a certifying statement either directly to you or to any public institution. The certifying statement shows all grades, except ‘UNGRADED’, ’NO RESULT’, ’PENDING’ or ‘TO BE ISSUED’ results, obtained by the candidate at a single examination series.

A certifying statement will be accepted by universities and other institutions as proof of your examination results. 


The priority result option is for the Cambridge candidates who need a particular institution to receive their results information as soon as possible. The provisional statement of results will be sent to your chosen educational institution on the day that results are released. Results are produced using the name given for the candidate at the time of their exam. For UK university applications, we send all our candidate results to the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) in time to meet the required university deadlines. There is no need to request priority results information for candidates applying to UK universities.

ACCA Candidates

For ACCA candidates, the British Council requires a certificate verified by ACCA. Candidates are requested to first contact their local ACCA office before reaching out to the British Council. The British Council will not entertain any verification requests where ACCA has not pre-verified the documents. For a list of ACCA local offices, please visit their website.

For verification requests, please fill in the ACCA Verification Form in the downloads section.

Exchange Rate

For all the above mentioned services, the local exchange rate is PKR 375 / £1 from 01 April 2024 to 30 June 2024.

As the coronavirus situation is evolving in Pakistan, the British Council supports and cooperates with government bodies to put all necessary measures in place and ensure the continued well-being of all whom we engage with. British Council values the health and safety of all our candidates, staff, partners and the communities in which we operate. 

We regret the inconvenience this may have caused and hope this situation improves soon.