A British Council employee explaining details about an exam to a student
A British Council employee explaining details about an exam to a student ©

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British Council Entry withdrawal and refund policy for the Cambridge Oct/Nov 2023 examination series.

We encourage that you submit your pre- session withdrawal requests before September 29, 2023. This allows the British Council to process refund requests efficiently. The final deadline for all withdrawal requests for the Oct/Nov 2023 is session 17 November 2023. 

Withdrawals made during or after the examination series will only be considered if the candidate has not taken any component of the exams for the respective withdrawal subject. 

Please be aware that refunds for withdrawals will not include any additional fees if the entries were initially submitted during the late or very late stages.  

Instructions for Candidates: 

  • Please complete the attached entry withdrawal request template for the Oct/Nov 2023 session. 
  • Email the fully filled entry withdrawal forms to the British Council at info@britishcouncil.org.pk
  • The final deadline to submit or email the entry withdrawal form is November 17, 2023, at 23:59 UTC+1. 

If you have any further enquiries or require additional assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at info@britishcouncil.org.pk.  


Pearson Edexcel

Pearson Edexcel exam fee consists of two parts: the British Council local fee and the Pearson Edexcel UK board fee.

Refund policy of British Council Pakistan: 

  • British Council will refund all exam fees if the candidate cancels all subject entries simultaneously and an application is received before the British Council stage deadline during which the candidate has registered. No refund requests will be entertained after the British Council registration deadline.
  • In case of cancellation under medical grounds, after the British Council deadline British Council will refund all local fees provided that the board has approved the refund of board fees, and will not deduct any British Council element/admin charge.
  • All refund requests must be submitted on the Fee Refund Application Form, which is available on the British Council website. The original exam fee bank deposit slip must be attached to it. No refund application will be entertained after the British Council registration deadline, unless on medical grounds. Refunds on medical grounds are applicable at any stage. 
  • There will be no refunds for partial subject entry withdrawals. The British Council local fee cannot be transferred from one exam session to another. The full fees is payable by a candidate for any subsequent entry. 
  • We will not refund any fees once paid for certification, verification or attestation services.

Refund policy of Pearson Edexcel International Examinations board fee: 

  • Pearson Edexcel will refund the board fees if they receive notification of the withdrawal of a candidate before the last high fee deadline. School candidates must submit the refund applications via their institutions to the British Council offices. Private candidates must contact their respective British Council office directly.
  • Pearson Edexcel will consider refunding board fees on medical grounds if an application is accompanied by a statement from a medical practitioner to the effect that the candidate is unable to sit the examination(s). All original medical reports must be attached with the application. Edexcel board fee refunds will not be issued until after the end of the examination session.
  • Pearson Edexcel exam fee cannot be transferred from one exam session to another. The full fees is payable by a candidate for any subsequent entry.

Beneficiaries of Refunds and blood relatives

  • Candidates, who do not have a bank account of their own and want the refund to be made in favour of a desired beneficiary, should fill a beneficiary detail form along with the copies of passport / Computerised NADRA card of themselves and beneficiary.
  • Beneficiary, in this context, can be candidate’s blood relative only i.e. immediate family member i.e. son(s), daughter(s), husband, wife, father or mother.
  • Completed & signed form should be sent along with the refund application form.