Are you ready to register for your exams? This is your first step towards gaining qualifications that can open up the world of opportunity.

In this section, you can find out how to register for IGCSEs/International GCSEs and A- and AS-levels, how to pay for exams, and how to make special arrangements.

Our simple step-by-step guide will show you: 

  • how to register if you are a school student 
  • how to register if you are a private candidate
  • how to pay for an exam.

If you need to make special arrangements when registering for IGCSEs please contact the person organising the exam or the British Council offices in Pakistan at least six weeks before your exam date. You will need to provide a medical certificate issued within the last two years along with your special need request. Find out how we can assist with your special arrangements


Following concerns raised by the IBCC & further education authorities over difficulties in identifying candidates using different names between exams sessions the Citizenship number has now been included as a mandatory part of the Cambridge entry process. 

The candidates’ Citizenship Numbers will then appear on their statements of entry and Certificates. This will allow further education institutions & IBCC to verify Certificates.

Please provide your CNIC number or B-form to your relevant school or while registering yourself online.

The CNIC and B-form number will be used as a unique identifier for verifications of candidates in the future.

Important Update for Private Candidates 

Change of Procedures and Requirements

Candidates will not be permitted to take their examination without a valid and original identification.

Identification must be in form of a NADRA issued CNIC for Pakistani Nationals and Passport for non – Pakistan nationals.

National candidates under 18 years will be required to present SMART Card as identification.

No other forms of ID will be accepted on the day of the exam.

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