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Please follow these steps in order to register for an IGCSE/International GCSE, A or AS level exam. 


Cambridge International registration for October/November 2020 deadlines, registration for the session is now live.

Please click here and follow the procedure to register yourself. Please note below mentioned deadlines regarding the session. 



Normal Stage closing date

 02 July 2020 – 30 July 2020

Late stage closing date

 31 July 2020 – 09 September 2020

Retake stage closing date

18 August 2020 - 09 September 2020

Important Notes:

  • Candidates are requested to take note that for each stage registration deadline – you need to have also paid the fee and not just registered on the online registration system. Any payments made after the deadline will be treated as late and subject to the appropriate extra late fee. The registration process will be completed after the payment pink slip and registration summary are received at respective British Council office. Therefore; please do not hold on to your registration forms and payment slips after making the payments and make sure that they reach us before the relevant deadline.
  • In case if registration documents are not delivered to the British Council, candidates would resolve the issue directly with the respective SCB branch/courier/post office (as for any other postal/courier services). The British Council have no liability for items lost in transit and consequently missed deadlines for sending registration forms.
  • It is very important that correct number of the ID document is written at the time of registration. On the test day, no candidate will be permitted to sit for their examination without a valid and original ID. This must be in the form of a NADRA issued CNIC for Pakistani Nationals or Passport for non – Pakistani nationals.
  • Pakistani national children younger than 18 years of age will be required to present SMART Card. Please contact your nearest NADRA office if you need a SMART card.
  • British Council does not arrange clashes between school and private candidates.


Pearson Edexcel registration for October/November 2020 deadlines, registration for the session is now live.

Please click here and follow the procedure to register yourself.

The deadlines for the October 2020 exam series are below:


SRS reg. window

IGCSE/GCSE - Normal stage

1 September – 15 September

GCE A levels - Normal stage

1 September – 3 September

IAL - Late stage 1

1 September – 15 September

Step 1: Pay for your exams

You can pay via a bank draft payable to the British Council, or via a bank deposit through designated Standard Chartered Bank (SCB). Keep your stamped bank deposit slip as proof of payment since you will need this to complete your exam registration.

Now you can also pay for your exams through online payment via credit card.

Note: Please note that for candidates paying online, email authorisation form at the respective email address provided in the authorisation form within 5 Days of making the online payment, along with requirements mentioned in order for us to proceed with your registration. Please ensure that you enter credit card details at the earliest as your transaction will be timed out after 15 minutes and you would have to repeat the entire process.

For candidates paying offline your application will not be processed until you have paid and submitted your registration summary (with the British Council’s bank deposit slip/pay order) for your exams.

Step 2: Submitting your online registration

The final step is to submit your application to the British Council with the bank deposit slip (Blue and Pink copy). Depending on your mode of payment, you can submit your application as follows:

a) For Standard Chartered Bank deposit: you can submit your application in your local branch drop box.

b) For bank draft: you need to send it by courier to your respective British Council offices.

c) for Online: you need to email authorisation form at the respective email address provided in the authorisation form within 5 Days of making the online payment. 

 Your application must include the following:

  1. Your completed registration summary (printed from School Registration System). Please keep a copy of your registration form for your record.
  2. Your stamped bank deposit slip (Blue and Pink copy). Please keep the yellow copy for your record.

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