The importance of education cannot be emphasized enough, therefore Servis - one of the leading shoe brands in Pakistan - joined hands with the British Council in establishing a platform to promote education. The platform by engaging Pakistan’s young population not only meets Servis’ core business objectives but also its social welfare goals.

The British Council’s LearnEnglish offer has a wide variety of interesting and meaningful products that cater to people of all ages to make learning English fun yet interactive. The British Council is always keen to promote its LearnEnglish products along various sectors.

Keeping British Council values and Servis strategic fit we created a Fun and Learn Kit consisting of an interactive LearnEnglish board game. This game was given free to every child with the purchase of “Skooz” school uniform shoes across 450 Servis outlets in the country.

For the past two years, the Fun and Learn Kit had a resounding success and giveaways introduced over a million children and their families to an entertaining way of learning. This activity received strong appreciation as Servis enhanced its profile as a socially conscious organisation that has education aims alongside its commercial goals.