myEnglish courses- Pre-Intermediate courses:

myEnglish Pre-Intermediate 1 course

This module focuses on building your language skills to talk and write about everyday situations and topics in English. These topics include family, lifestyle, habits, jobs, and interests. You will practise grammar and vocabulary to introduce yourself and write a personal profile. You will also be able to describe visuals and manage informal telephone and email communication.

myEnglish Pre-Intermediate 2 course

In this module, you will learn to use vocabulary to talk with confidence about your life and interests. You will focus on travel, history and events. You will also look at describing your home, town and local area. You will build your grammar to talk about the past and the present. You will do this in order to practice writing biographies and describing places and memorable events. 

myEnglish Pre-Intermediate 3 course

Enhance your skills to speak about the arts, culture, and entertainment with this module. You will also look at writing letters and emails. You will learn to review films, books, and events, talk about fashion and shopping. You will also be able to have discussions on culture and technology. You will also improve your grammar skills to talk about change as well as the future.

myEnglish- Intermediate courses:

myEnglish Intermediate 1 course

In this module, you will learn to use functional language while travelling, shopping, and at social gatherings. You will focus on improving your grammar to talk about both the past and the future. You will also learn to write informal letters and personal profiles. You will also speak on the telephone, and ways to make polite complaints and suggestions. 

myEnglish Intermediate 2 course

Develop your speaking and writing skills and develop your language. You will learn in the contexts of money and banking, dates and times, and travel and transport with this module. Pick up the language you need to get around in a new city or country and help others. You will learn to write emails, give and clarify information over the telephone. You will also review a variety of tenses to help you express yourself more clearly.

myEnglish Intermediate 3 course

Enhance your speaking skills with topics including health, crime and food in this module. Learn to speak with confidence when travelling, at hotels, and at restaurants and to make plans. You will also learn about writing formal letters, stories and descriptions. You will also be handling complaints and making suggestions whilst improving your grammar and vocabulary.  

myEnglish- Upper-Intermediate courses: 

myEnglish Upper-Intermediate 1 course

Improve your writing and speaking skills with topics ranging from online learning and media to sports to festivals and celebrations. Learn to express your opinions and have engaging debates. You will also learn to write articles, formal and informal letters. You will focus on honing your vocabulary and grammar to communicate clearly. 

myEnglish Upper-Intermediate 2 course

Refine your ability to present ideas, persuade and influence others in the world of work, sports, and adventures. Learn to express desires, explain issues and give reasons for decisions. You will also improve your ability to write articles, letters, and applications while enhancing your overall grammar and vocabulary skills.

myEnglish Upper-Intermediate 3 course

This module is centered around the topics of entertainment and society. It helps explain issues, make complaints, and seek solutions with confidence for both written and spoken communication. You will cover how to structure and write articles, stories and reviews. You will develop your vocabulary and grammar to help you express yourself accurately. 

myEnglish- Learning materials:

Each myEnglish course has varied and interactive online study activities (over 38 hours). You will also receive a student book and guide, vocabulary for fluency book and grammar reference book. This will help you make the most out of the course. You have access to the online course materials for 90 days after enrolment. You will even be able to access the online course materials after the course has finished. 

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