The research aimed to develop market insight into the main locations with growth potential for international student demand.

Objectives of the report:

-  Assist policymakers in Pakistan to understand why certain cities and states are sending the most students abroad

-  Help UK Higher Education Institutes in mapping existing and emerging growth potential at a regional level and allocate resources more effectively to capture growth opportunities   

Important findings of the report include:

-Despite being the world's third-largest university-age population, enrolment rates at the tertiary level in Pakistan remain below the global average.

-Many of the urban centres like Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad emerged as the primary contributors to international student mobility, collectively accounting for approximately half of the students moving abroad.

-The report emphasized the role of enhanced career prospects, quality education, and post-study work opportunities as key factors motivating students to study abroad.

-Transnational Education (TNE) is an increasingly considered alternative for undergraduate studies, with 36% of surveyed students factoring it into their decision-making process.

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