Teachers are one of the most important factors in guaranteeing success for our students. That is why we are committed to providing you with the best qualified and the most experienced teaching professionals from Sri Lanka.

We have been working in Sri Lanka since 1949, offering a wide range of services and activities across the island. Here we run one of the largest English language centres and examination operations in our network, which has over 100 offices worldwide. 

We are all about teaching excellence. We attract and invest in the best teachers. Our qualified, professional, passionate teaching teams give you an exceptionally engaging experience bringing people together, to form international connections, to exchange and share ideas in a safe, trusted, welcoming learning environment.  

Our expert teachers endeavour to provide our students with a multi-cultural experience through interactive and engaging classes. We are very thorough in our recruitment process and fully support our teachers through our training and development programmes.

We ensure that you are consistently taught by professionals who are excellent classroom managers and make lessons engaging, enjoyable and effective. They are experts in assessing your progress and committed to helping you learn independently.

Meet Our Teachers

Dhinali Ranasinghe

Hello! My name's Dhinali and I've been teaching since 2008. I have taught in a variety of settings in Sri Lanka, Australia and England. I have a Postgraduate Diploma in Education from Monash University and a Cambridge CELTA. I also have a Bachelor of Business in Accounting and Management which gives me a good foundation to teach Business English. I enjoy helping adults improve their English skills so they can reach their goals. It gives me a great opportunity to mix with a diverse range of amazing people. I love to get to know my students and build trust in the classroom so that everyone is at ease and ready to give their best. My other passions include cooking (and eating!), meditation, reading and travel. I look forward to meeting you in the classroom.

Ahisha Haneef

Hello everyone! I’m Ahisha. I joined the British Council’s team of experts in 2019 and I’ve been teaching English since 2018. I’ve always wanted to be a teacher, and here I am! I completed my Diploma in English and Cambridge CELTA (Certificate in teaching English to speakers of other languages) in 2018. Since then, I’ve been teaching adults and young learners from various backgrounds. I did an Online Teacher Training course last year and I’m currently pursing the Trinity TYLEC (Teaching Young Learners Extension Certificate). I like working together with my students to help them effectively express themselves and communicate with one another by addressing their individual needs- I love making this process fun.  I’m keen on baking and I love catching up with friends and family in my free time. I look forward to meeting you in class soon! 

Shashikala Ellawala

Hi everyone, my name is Shashi and I have been teaching English since 2009. I have a first class Degree in English Literature, Journalism and Psychology. I am also currently reading for a Postgraduate Diploma in TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language). I am CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) and TYLEC (Teaching Young Learners Extension Certificate) qualified and I am a certified oral examiner for an internationally recognised exam. I enjoy teaching adults and I particularly enjoy teaching higher level students. One thing I strongly believe is that if you are having fun then you are learning more, so I want my students to learn English in an environment that is encouraging and enjoyable so that they become more confident in their ability to speak in English. I live in Kandy, Sri Lanka, with my parents and my two giant German shepherd dogs. In my free time, I love reading and watching movies and TV shows. I am also a total foodie and I really enjoy cooking as well. I often try out new recipes and use my family and friends as guinea pigs test out my creations. I hope to meet you soon!

Neelam Abdul Gani

Hi all! My name is Neelam. I have been teaching at the British Council-Sri Lanka from Jan 2018. I'm just about to complete my Masters in Teaching English as a Second Language (Thesis is pending), have a Bachelors in Psychology and have completed the Cambridge Certificate for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (CELTA). To keep myself updated, I did the Teacher Support Program (TSP) and Future Learn: English in Early Childhood: Language Learning and Development (British Council and Learning Time with Timmy) to be equipped to teach not only adults, but young learners as well. When I'm not teaching, you will find me at the gym, listening to music, dancing or catching up on my reading. I am a complete pluviophile and tea lover!

Sri Rajkumar Kanapathipillai

Hi everyone! I am Raj  and I have been teaching since 2009. I obtained the Certificate in Teaching English to speakers of Other Languages (CELTA) from the University of Cambridge right after my post-graduation  in English Literature and Linguistics from University of Sri  Lanka. Having worked with Adult and Young Learners I have understood that both come with different but interesting prospects and challenges. On non-teaching days, I indulge in a good book and also gardening. During the vacation, I prefer travelling and meeting people. Travelling provides me great pleasure.

Swathie Amendran

Hello! My name is Swathie. I have been teaching both young and adult learners since 2017 and became part of the British Council family in 2020. I have completed my CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) and presently studying for my Postgraduate Certificate in Education. If three years of teaching have taught me anything, it is that students can change our lives as much as we change theirs :)  When I am not teaching, I enjoy spending time with friends and family, traveling, and watching movies. I collect hobbies too, with the most recent being an amateur cook. I am really excited to be your teacher and have you in my class!

Chandima Nanayakkara

Hi everyone! I am Chandima, but I like being called Chan or Chand as most people mispronounce my name. I have a Bachelor's degree in Arts and a Master's in Linguistics. After completion of my degrees, I completed the Certificate in Teaching English to speakers of Other Languages (CELTA) from the University of Cambridge in 2011. My career as a teacher started with teaching undergraduates and then I moved to teaching young and adult students at the British Council. I have been a teacher at the British Council Sri Lanka  since 2013. I enjoy teaching both young and adult learners and also enjoy conducting crafts and story telling workshops for kids. I take teaching as a challenge and a platform to develop and update myself to cater to audiences of different levels. Cooking, baking, reading novels and playing board games are some things I enjoy doing in my leisure. Talking about my personality, I am a friendly person who's easygoing and adventurous. 

Sohani Weerasooriya

Hi everyone! My name’s Sohani and I have been an English Language Trainer since 2013 in Australia, France, and now Sri Lanka.  Five years of working in the business world opened the doors to working with French Corporates and Universities conducting courses on ELT (English Language Teaching), IELTS, Personal Development, and Intercultural Communication. I also speak French, Spanish, and Sinhala so, I know what it takes to learn a new language.  My classes are fun, engaging, and have real-world use. 

Irina Ludu

Hi, I'm Irina. I've been working on and off at the British Council since 2013; in Malaysia, Azerbaijan, Australia and now Sri Lanka. Before I did my teaching qualification in Budapest, I worked in online marketing in Romania and Spain. I am interested in embodiment practices, including yoga, and I love going to the beach and having holidays!

Anusha Samararatna

Hi everyone! My name is Anusha. I love teaching! Building a rapport with my students to create a friendly , relaxed learning environment is absolutely important to me. I joined  British Council in 2020 after completing CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). I am also professionally qualified in Psychology & Counselling. I have taught Adults and Young learners. Learning in my  classroom is based on activities that give plenty of opportunities for students to speak and make their class time fun ! I also love travelling, hiking, reading  & spending time with family & friends . I look forward to  having you in my classes soon. Lets learn and have fun together!

Nimali Jayawardene Weerasinghe

I’ve been teaching at the British Council, Sri Lanka since 2014. I’ve got a degree in English Language from University of Westminster, United Kingdom. I’ve also got Cambridge Diploma in Teaching English for adults  (DELTA)  and Cambridge Certificate in Teaching English to Adults (CELTA). I love reading and listening to music in my free time.

Sherangi Silva

Hi everyone! My name's Sherangi and I've been teaching both young learners and adults at British Council since 2017. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Development and Economics and my teaching qualifications include the Certificate in Teaching English to speakers of Other Languages (CELTA) and Teaching Young Learners Extension Certification (TYLEC). I am currently following a programme to complete my Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (DELTA).   I like to teach fun and engaging lessons where my students can enjoy learning and apply it confidently to the real-world. I’m a huge animal fan and when I’m free, I love to relax at the beach, paint, read and hang out with my friends. I look forward to seeing you in my classes soon! 

Chaya Manawamma

Hi! I’m Chaya. I began my career as a research enthusiast and later moved in to teaching. I’ve been teaching at the British Council Colombo since 2017 and to this date I have found immense pleasure in teaching English. I hold two Masters degrees, one in Applied Linguistics and one in Clinical Linguistics, in other words how the brain works when we speak languages. I completed all my higher education in Europe thanks to numerous scholarships I won. Therefore, I’m keen to support my learners to succeed in their English language learning journey so that they’ll have access to opportunities that I had in the past to excel in their careers.  Dance is my passion and as a classical Sri Lankan dancer, I can’t help but to move to any beat I hear. I also love listening to world music. On non-teaching days I like tending my garden or cooking a non-Sri Lankan dish.

Sinalie Perera

Hello everyone! I’m Sinalie and I joined British Council last year (2020). I started out as an accounting major but it didn’t take me long to realise that, while balancing numbers had its appeal, my passions lay elsewhere. I have since then completed the CELTA (Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults) course and been studying for my Bachelor’s in English and TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). I love teaching and it’s immeasurably rewarding to watch students as they learn to explore and discover all the facets of a new language while simultaneously having fun. When I’m not teaching, you’ll find me with my nose buried in a book, writing, singing, travelling and searching for new exciting things to try out. I hope I’ll see you in class, ready to embark on the next language related adventure!

Fathima Izzadeen

Hi! My name is Fathima. I have been teaching English since 2001 and have been at the British Council for 3 years. Before that I taught English at University.  I have a Bachelor of Science degree, specializing in Chemistry. I have two master’s degrees, one in Linguistics and the other in TESL (Teaching English as a second Language). I completed Cambridge CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to adults) in 2016 and am currently working on Cambridge DELTA. I teach adult and young learner classes of different levels. I try to create a class where students are comfortable and enjoy learning so they will participate with confidence.   Other than teaching, I love travelling and am always looking forward to the next destination. I’m a bit of a book worm and also a foodie. I grew up in England till I was 7, but Sri Lanka is home. 

Asuni Jayawardena

Hello everyone! My name is Asuni. I've been teaching both young learners and adults at the British Council Colombo since 2019. I completed my Cambridge CELTA qualification (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) in 2017 and I also hold an advanced diploma in Education. Currently, I'm following a bachelor's degree in education. I love teaching because I get to meet a lot of different students every term. I want my students to have a joyful learning experience with me where they interact naturally with each other and grow in confidence. I look forward to seeing you all in class!