Learning with the British Council is motivating, interactive and engaging.

We create a positive and inclusive learning environment both where our learners feel confident using English in the physical classroom as well as online through our blended learning model.

We use Zoom to deliver our live online classes, which allow you to interact with your teacher and classmates.The experience is like being in any British Council class, there is a lot of interaction and opportunities to practice and work together with your teachers and classmates. We maintain a class fill of up to 20 students to ensure individualized feedback. This group is further split up and given the opportunity to practice through Zoom breakout rooms.

In the live lessons you will receive immediate feedback from the teacher and get to take part in discussions. This is supplemented by our top-quality learning activities which you can access online.

You can study at your own pace as you complete the exercises, learn to read, write and listen with more confidence and accuracy. Also get instant feedback on your progress and be able to access the course anytime, from anywhere. 

The learning experience:

  • We provide learners with a rewarding and stimulating English language learning experience
  • We help all learners reach their full potential by respecting them as diverse individuals
  • Our curricula offer continuity and progression for every learner, at whatever age they begin their English language learning with the British Council
  • We ensure that all students and families feel included, safe and valued.