What is UEnglish?

The British Council has launched UEnglish, an interactive English-learning SMS service, in collaboration with Ufone.

UEnglish enables you to learn English via daily interactive SMS messages in a quiz format. You will receive feedback on each of your answers and quickly improve your knowledge of topics such as nouns, pronouns and verbs. The service also includes features like rankings and lucky draws.

How can I access UEnglish?

To become a part of this learning adventure, text ‘GO’ to 6990. 

How much does UEnglish cost?

UEnglish costs PKR 0.20 per SMS. The following packages are available:

  • Package 1: 35 SMS messages for PKR 5
  • Package 2: 100 SMS messages for PKR 10
  • Package 3: 200 SMS messages for PKR 20 

The above prices exclude tax.

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