Young man using mobile phone in field

What is Jobseekers?

With Jobseekers, developed by the British Council in partnership with Telenor, you can access high quality English language lessons from your mobile phone.

Designed specifically for the Pakistan market, Jobseekers is a series of 90 audio-based lessons. Starting at elementary level and ranging up to advanced, these lessons will improve your English language skills - and, importantly, your chances of getting a good job.

With Jobseekers you can:

  • develop your listening skills
  • improve your critical reasoning skills
  • learn vocabulary useful for the workplace.

We can give you the confidence and skills you need to communicate effectively and achieve your dreams.

How can I access Jobseekers?

Simply dial 77888 from your Telenor SIM card to access Jobseekers.

You will be charged PKR 1 (plus tax) per minute for using this service. 

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