myEnglish Workplace- Intermediate courses:

myEnglish Workplace Intermediate 1 course

Succeed at interviews and take your career to a new level with this module. You will learn to prepare a CV and covering letter and attend interviews. You will also be able to talk about yourself and your motivation for a role. 

You will also learn the language for handling complaints, taking part in negotiations, and performance discussions. You will do this while improving your speaking and email writing skills. 

myEnglish Workplace Intermediate 2 course

Excel at presentations and enhance your report writing skills with this module. Learn to talk about products and services with figures and statistics in the context of marketing and sales.

You will also learn the language needed to convert potential leads into paying customers and improve your email writing skills. 

myEnglish Workplace- Upper-Intermediate courses:

myEnglish Workplace Upper-Intermediate 1 course

Write business proposals and meeting reports with confidence with this module. Improve your communication skills in the context of performance appraisals, meetings and event management.

In addition, you will learn the language to support and mentor your team. You will also enhance your managerial skills through effective communication strategies as well as improve your email writing skills 

myEnglish Workplace Upper-Intermediate 2 course

Give effective feedback and improve your ability to express concerns and feelings in this module. Learn communication skills to talk about and deal with changes, manage projects, suggest solutions, and take part in strategic reviews. 

In addition, you will learn the language needed to outline, revise, and close projects and improve your email writing skills.

myEnglish Workplace- Learning materials:

Each myEnglish Workplace course has detailed and interactive online study activities (over 38 hours). You will also receive a student book and guide, vocabulary for fluency book and grammar reference book. This will help you make the most out of the course. You have access to the online course materials for 90 days after enrolment. This means you will be able to access the online course materials after the course.

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