Find out what our customers say about APTIS.

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Awais Ahmad, Higher Education Commission (HEC)

Director General Admin & Coordination

"The new English assessment tool launched by the British Council is inventive, testing all four skill sets under one umbrella. We wanted to test the English language skills of our existing employees and found APTIS very practical and efficient . Furthermore, APTIS has helped us identify employees and relevant English language skill sets in which further training is required”

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Sara Hussain, Intensive English Institute (IEI)

Business owner

"With Aptis, we have been able to identify the training needs required for each student at Intensive English Institute. We wanted to test the English language skills of our students and Aptis allowed us to do this quickly and affordably. We found Aptis a modern and flexible way to test English and it's all four skill sets under one umbrella.

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Nadia Naz, CARE International

Head of HR

"With the help of the Aptis tool, we have been able to quantify the strengths and weaknesses of the English Language skills of our employees. Because of this innovative tool we have been able to do so quickly at an affordable price with the highest quality of linguistic assessment available. We also found the specially designed content of Aptis to be very beneficial, as it is targeting specific organizational needs and agenda”.

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Aamir Chaudhry, Nestol

Senior Vice President

"Aptis allows us to benchmark our English language requirements across the company, to better strengthen our understanding of what level of English a particular job role requires.”

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Naveed Akbar, Netsol

PMO Manager

“Aptis helps us in identifying the English level of potential hires, so we can match them with the right job role saving us time and effort in having to bring their communication skills up to par later on"