British Council is commissioning a mapping exercise which will help inform the AAWAZ II programme strategy in terms identifying priority locations in KP and Punjab where exclusion issues (child labor, bonded labor, early/forced marriages, domestic servitude), intolerance and exclusion issues are most prevalent, and to support development of an implementation strategy and approach for addressing these issues in the two provinces.


Closing date Saturday, 20 July 2019

Role overview

The key objectives of the mapping exercise are:

To conduct a community mapping in all districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab to:

  • identify prevalent exclusion and exploitation practices
  • identify at risk and vulnerable groups (and religious minorities) within these districts and their specific geographical locations
  • identify issues pertaining to the exclusion of religious minorities;
  • identify formal and informal institutions at both district and provincial levels that are mandated/ able/ structured to play a role in reducing exclusion and exploitation
  • identify mechanisms of citizen engagement (specifically for vulnerable groups that face exploitation and exclusion) with duty bearers with respect to a reduction in exclusion and exploitation of vulnerable groups and levels of community demand for better protection and state services.

To assess, using appropriate methods and a perception survey of specific vulnerable groups and the larger community:

  • community openness and willingness to challenge harmful social norms that lead to exclusion, exploitation and broader exclusion, including intolerance towards and exclusion of religious minorities
  • community attitudes and behaviours that contribute to increased exclusion of certain groups, intolerance and violence
  • community perceptions of state service provision/ laws linked exclusion and exploitation
  • drivers and the nature of conflicts specific to surveyed community
  • identification of key actors/ influencers that contribute to or help mitigate conflict

How to apply

If you are interested to apply, please download the application pack below: