With respect to the project:

The suggested approach involves reviewing on global best practice and existing literature, identifying the extent to which there is a curriculum gap in the identified area and drawing on both these areas of work to generate clear recommendations for managing this curriculum gap. Please refer to the document below for complete information.


Location Pakistan
Duration 4 months
Closing date Friday, 29 July 2016

How to apply

The Submission Process

Please complete Annex 1 (Mandatory Information) and Annex 2 (Supplier Response Form). Submit these documents to Muhammad.Ali2@britishcouncil.org.pk.

  • Please ensure that you send your submission in good time to prevent issues with technology – late submissions may not be considered.
  • Supporting evidence (PDF, JPG, PPT, Word and Excel formats only - other formats should not be used) can be provided to substantiate your response – please ensure that all attachments/supporting evidence is clearly labelled with the appropriate question number.
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