A piece by Zuria Dor
Zuria Dor

Zuria Dor is an online western wear brand with a focus on formal and semi formal dresses either ready-to-wear or made-to-measure; orders are taken online at zuriador.com with delivery to over 180 countries free via DHL. The young founders of Zuria Dor are two engineers, Madiha Latif and Kinza Latif, who returned to Pakistan after extensive education in the UK to assist with the economic emergence of the nation. This is their entrepreneurial debut to push for innovation, international outreach, technology backed commerce, sustainability, ethics and a much needed tow to bring Pakistan into the schematics of the global village.  The vision is simple, to build a brand that is based locally but is recognised globally. The brand made waves earlier in the year when a Zuria Dor dress was worn by Sheridan Smith, a British actress, to the BAFTA awards in London.