WOW films
Sunday, 03 December 2017 -
14:00 to 15:00

WOW Films

WOW Films showcases a selection of shorts about and made by women that deconstruct gender identity, explore issues pertinent to women and men and their history, and challenge prevailing stereotypes. 

All films are followed by a Q&A with the team.

About the films

Enjoy two short films by Fearless Collective.

Bonded not Bound (Dharavi, Bombay)

Gaze at the gentle eyes and fierce faces and the tableau is reminiscent of bonds women make, such as when a grandmother plaits her granddaughter's hair or when friends have chai and chat on their verandahs. Fearless Collective's mural in Dharavi, one of the largest slums in Bombay, is a monument to those bonds that are binding, but not to be bound by it.

Games of Life (Lyari, Karachi)

The Fearless Collective’s mural in Lyari explores the idea that we are constantly ‘playing with our lives’ as well as playing the game of life simultaneously. Both realities coexist, especially in Lyari where the streets are strewn with snooker tables, portable merry go rounds, but also stories of fear.  The children of Lyari play cards (a game only played by adults here) on a broken building in a garbage dump raised to glory by the children as a playing field. The images themselves are pictures of people from the community and affirm - ‘Zindagi ke Khiladi’ or 'We are players of the game of life'.

In English and Urdu, with Sign Language translation available.

Suitable for all ages.

About the filmmakers

Fearless Collective

Fearless is a collective of artists and activists across the globe that create spaces to replace fear with love through participative storytelling and public art. Fearless Collective is the labour of love of two women based out of South Asia. Shilo Shiv Suleman is an Indian artist whose work lies at the intersection of magical realism, technology, art and social justice. She started the Fearless Collective in 2012. Nida Mushtaq is an activist from Pakistan whose work focuses on programming for social development, embedded in critical narratives of local relevance. Together they run Fearless Collective from across the border, united by their love for poetry, beauty and imagination.

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