Southbank Centre have partnered with the British Council to bring WOW to South Asia. In Pakistan we are working with the following organisations to bring you WOW Karachi 2017.

TAF Foundation Logo TM


Main sponsor

TAF Foundation intends to bring/add value to the lives of young men and women by engaging them in discourse that makes them emotionally intelligent individuals, articulating apprehension and setting a personal course of action by putting theory into practice. This raises their self-belief and gives them skills they can use at every stage of their lives. 

AMC logo

Alternative Marketing Concepts

Curating partner

Alternative Marketing Concepts (AMC) has joined the WOW team to provide digital and web related solutions to WOW Karachi to raise our digital profile online. Having worked with Salt Arts for WOW Karachi 1, AMC consider themselves veterans of WOW and can provide search engine optimisation and marketing campaign management using various social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. to create digital assets for WOW Karachi. 

ECDI logo

Entrepreneurship and Community Development Institute (ECDI)

Curating partner

A founding curatorial partner, ECDI is supporting the design and delivery of the WOW festival for the second year running. ECDI is a not-for-profit capacity-development and knowledge-based institution that facilitates the social and economic empowerment of women through small and micro enterprise promotion. The institution was established in 1990 to address women's developmental concerns and expand their economic potential through entrepreneurship promotion and advocating for their integration into mainstream markets and business sectors in Pakistan, value chain and market development, facilitation of business development services to urban and rural micro-enterprises, undertaking poverty-alleviation projects and consciousness-raising on gender issues.

IBA logo


Curating partner

The Department of Social Sciences and Liberal Arts at IBA was established in 2013 to engage in multi-disciplinary teaching and research. Its goals are to enable students to think critically, acquire knowledge from multiple perspectives, and become responsible citizens of a global community. Faculty members cover a range of expertise that includes psychology, sociology, urban studies, history, philosophy, gender studies, political science, literature, and media studies. SSLA is proud to foster interdisciplinary collaboration and innovation in teaching and research as well as fruitful partnerships with external organisations including media, academic, and community-based bodies.

PILER logo

Pakistan Institute of Labour Education and Research (PILER)

PILER was founded on 1 May 1982 by a group of concerned individuals from the trade union movement, academia and various other professions. PILER is registered as a ‘not for profit’ company under Section 42 of the Companies Ordinance of Pakistan. In 1988, PILER established a formally designed research and training programme with regular workshops, courses and advocacy activities.  PILER is also continuing on from its involvement in last year's festival and will manage speedmentoring and Bites.

Salt Arts logo

Salt Arts

Curating partner

Now in its second year as a WOW Karachi partner, Salt Arts has come on board again to curate musical performances and arts installations. Founded in 2015, Salt Arts is a music, art and entertainment agency, specialising in the creative production of events, artist management, audience development, and inter-cultural exchange. It is committed to enriching artists and subcultures in South Asia, and beyond. Trusting the power of inter-disciplinary movement, and collective spirit, Salt Arts believes in collaboration at every level and is keen to join the British Council and Southbank Centre again for WOW Karachi 2.

Saturday Studio logo

Saturday Studio

Curating partner

Saturday Studio is an Art studio offering Art classes to children aged 4-12 years. Their mission is to bring out creativity in young children and provide a creative art space throughout the year. Our art classes and workshops are conducted by professionally trained artists. A creative studio to explore your skills under the guidance of our art instructors. Art is therapeutic, interactive and helps build self confidence. Art helps to express emotions and thoughts and develop imagination further.

Loreal logo


Supporting partner

Loreal is a leading cosmetics company with its headquarters in Paris. Their products are concentrated in the field of skincare, hair , perfume, make-up and sun protection. 

Standard Chartered logo

Standard Chartered

Supporting partner

Standard Chartered is a banking and financial services company with its headquarters in England. 

Engro logo


Supporting partner

Engro corporation is a Pakistani multinational company with many subsidiaries centred around products including fertilisers, foods and chemicals.