WOW Market
Sunday, 03 December 2017 -
11:00 to 19:00

Visit the WOW marketplace – a central meeting point where people can reflect and browse a glorious range of individually selected stalls, showcasing women-owned or run businesses.

About the businesses


Sheops is an online marketplace where women can buy and sell a range of products that include fashion, beauty and food items. It caters to a huge community of women who need a forum to start their own business and attract buyers from all over the country. It initially began as a Whatsapp group consisting of friends and family of the founder, Nadia, before it became a fully developed website with 27000 members.

IVS Kahani

IVS Kahani is a mutually creative environment for the alumni, faculty, students and craftspersons to produce good design. IVS Kahani was launched in September 2014 as a culmination of a collaborative project  between the department of Textile Design and Butterfly works foundation (Netherlands), funded by the European Union. Kahani also maintains the schools vision towards the outreach program.


Tali (taali) is a Sindhi name for our widely used indigenous wood commonly known as Sheesham. Tali is a Karachi based enterprise where each product is handmade with precision, using local materials, craft, design and technology. The brainchild of Sadiqa Husain Tayebaly, a product designer with a vision to create awareness and promote the real story of Pakistan through the works of her master artisans.


Since its inception in 2015, Khwaab has been working with traditional handmade crafts to create contemporary home textiles and modern apparel through embroidery, crochet and patchwork. Khwaab takes pride in being an ethical brand and works alongside craft women to create the dream products that the artisans and designers imagine.


Matana Caneworks, as the name itself suggests, sells specialised products made out of cane in different colors. Their products typically include bags and book holders.

Chamki Truck Art

Taking their inspiration from the traditional Pakistani Truck Art, Shazia Alam and Mahgul Fatima aim to bring this Art into the lives of Pakistani people through products like pillowcases, bowls and jewellery, manufactured by local artists who specialise in Truck Art. They wish to change the perception of Truck Art in the country by incorporating these patterns into more everyday products found inside the home.

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