The British Council Libraries are thrilled to introduce Digital Events to keep your children busy, entertained and relaxed as they stay at home. Combat your child’s boredom as we bring you a series of stories, crafts and sing-along activities to keep them engaged.


Storytelling is a great way to spend quality time with your child. Digi-tales is an online storytelling series for children that aims to inspire a love of reading and is a unique space for you and your child to connect and enjoy stories from our curated collection of books.

Quarantine Crafts

If you’re in need of some inspiration, we have a series of exciting projects for you to do at home with your little ones. So roll up your sleeves and get the glue out as we get creative with DIY paper crafts that are easy and fun for the family.

Online Rhyme Time

An exciting sing-along series especially for your tiny tots! Rhyme time features poems, songs and nursery rhymes through videos, making it a great tool for language development.

If you're spending a lot of time at home with your kids, we have some ideas for activities that you can do together. 


Just because you are indoors doesn't mean you can't have some fun together. Sing songs, play games or watch stories and fairy tales with our LearnEnglish Kids website. All these will not only keep your kids entertained for hours but will also help them enrich their vocabulary and practise their English.


Help your children unlock their creative side with our how-to videos. From doing magic tricks to learning to tell the time, your kids will enjoy every minute. The more new things they learn, the more their confidence will grow. 


Young learners love learning time with Timmy and using YouTube. With our free YouTube series about Timmy and his friends, your kids will discover new words, whilst developing their creativity and imagination.