Pakistan Stories, a part of the Pakistan/UK New Perspectives Season,was the first national funding and mentorship programme which supported a new generation of female Pakistani documentary filmmakers who wish to create engaging films that reflect on and question their society and its 75 years of Independence.  

Ten young filmmakers between the ages 25-40 were selected for the programme via an open call that was run nationwide via social media, newspaper as well as radio to ensure an inclusive and diverse mix of fellows. The selected women belonged to various ethnic and regional communities from across Pakistan and created their first ever original film content after receiving eight weeks of high-quality mentorship and training through partners Patakha Pictures (a subsidiary of Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy Films) in Pakistan and Scottish Documentary Institute in the UK.

The training helped these women understand the various elements of creative story telling through film, coupled with peer learning among the cohort that helped the fellows exchange ideas and thoughts, providing them a holistic and conducive environment to develop and hone their skills, as well as put them into practice. 

At the heart of this programme was the idea of empowering young women who would share stories about, and for women. The films touched upon various issues pertaining to the female gender as a means to catalyse change and create positive impact for women in Pakistan and across the globe.   

Marking the 75th anniversary of Pakistan’s Independence, the Pakistan/UK New Perspectives Season showcases the cultural wealth and contemporary creativity of both countries. Taking place from March to August 2022, the Season features an expansive cultural programme spanning the performing arts, film, visual arts, architecture, literature, museums, broadcast, and exciting cross-arts commissions.