Rechecking/Enquiry About Result (EAR)

Schools can submit Enquiries About Results (EAR) if a candidate is unsatisfied from the provided result.

Multiple enquiries about results services are offered depending on the type of check schools would like us to make. There is an administrative fee for each enquiry. Fee will be refunded if the enquiry leads to a change to the syllabus grade. The fee will not be charged for Pending (Q) or No Result (X).

Centre may to log in the CIE direct account and submit the enquiry as per the details mentioned in the email shared with the schools.

Payment is made at bank and school couriers bank proof along with EAR sheet (shared with all schools after result) to our office. Same documents are shared with us via email as well along with the tracking details. Schools are updated with confirmation of documents receipt and request processing Outcome against EAR is uploaded on CIE direct by Cambridge.

Special Consideration:

Special Consideration is a post-exam adjustment that is made to a candidate's mark. This is done to make allowances for some adverse circumstances, for example illness, bereavement, temporary injury or disruption to an exam

Types of Special Consideration

  • Present but disadvantaged candidates:
  • Candidates absent from a component for acceptable reasons


Process of calculation

  • Have covered the whole course.
  • Have completed 50 per cent of the total assessment by component weighting in the relevant exam series. Carry-forward marks do not count. If the candidate has completed less than 50 percent Special Consideration can still be applied. Its approval will depend on sole discretion of board.

We cannot calculate an assessed mark for the following:

  • Cambridge A Levels where a candidate has not completed any A Level components in the exam series.
  • Any component that does not have a weighting e.g., an endorsed component.

How to apply

  • School needs to fill in and share Special Consideration form and supporting documents to customer service within specified deadline.

NOTE: Please submit the Special Consideration application within seven days of the last exam in the syllabus affected.

Replacement Certificate and Certifying Statement

Replacement Certificate: This service is used within 18 months of issued result session if the candidate grade has changed or incorrect candidate details are printed on the certificate. After 18 months of issuance, for amendment of details like Name a Certifying Statement should be requested.

Certifying Statement: A Certifying Statement is issued only if the certificate is misplaced, lost or personal details of the candidate are incorrect on the certificate, 18 months after the issuance of the certificate.

In order for us to initiate the request, please send us following documents so that we may forward this case to Cambridge:

·       Copy of the ID document

·       A request letter mentioning details/EAR Outcome

·       Proof of Payment

·       Filled Certifying/Replacement form

·       Original Certificate

Payment details are provided on the form, please use conversion rate of PKR 380 till March 2024. Please note that Certificate Fee and Courier Charges are mandatory to pay.

You can pay the fee in our designated bank branches, via Demand draft or via RTGS.

Once you have submitted the fee, kindly send all the above-mentioned documents to British Council Office and share the scanned images of same along with tracking details via email. We will take one week to acknowledge your request and the board takes 6 to 8 weeks to dispatch the updated documents.

NOTE: Fee is not charged in case of grade change after EAR or if request is received within the free of cost deadline after result dispatch. However, late receiving of documents will result in submitting of relevant fee.