The physical education component in TACS (DOSTI) has been key in the retention of students in schools. The DOSTI content builds on a story telling model combined with physical exercise used to teach children the basics of counting, alphabets, etc.

The DOSTI curriculum was rolled out in 668 government primary schools, engaging 1481 schoolteachers, and benefitting over 118,965 students. The schoolteachers were trained on methods to make the DOSTI lessons interactive and exciting for the children. The aim of the physical exercises was to ensure that children also learnt about teamwork and inclusion.

“I belong to a community where ‘sports’ and ‘girls’ in one sentence are almost unacceptable for us. I have seen people refuse to allow their daughters to take part in physical activities for no real reason, but just because they are girls. When I told my mother that they have selected me to compete in the District Level DOSTI Event, she laughed at me and told me that I am insane to even consider it. I did not give up and explained that I have great physical strength, and this platform can provide me with an opportunity to prove it. I was not only challenging my mother’s mentality, but I was also against the general mindset of the whole community. After I received a trophy in front of my parents and other community members, I felt very proud of my decisions. I saw my parents feeling pleased with the decision and understanding that their daughter can do anything that a boy can. Because of my struggles and hard work, I am now allowed to play any sport that I admire” – Irum Shahzadi, Student, Girls Model Public School, Charkey Chattha, Gujranwala

“The DOSTI sessions have a powerful impact on students. Previously, we used to teach ethics, rules, and discipline during the assembly, but the students had no interest in paying any attention. Now, with the help of stories and their characters, they feel more connected and can relate to these lessons, because of which they have started to pay more attention to whatever the teacher has to say” – Shamim Akhtar, Girls Model Public School, Bada Khosa, DG Khan

“DOSTI has not only succeeded in increasing retention in schools but has also helped a lot in reshaping the lives of others, such as mine. I had no genuine interest in studies and even dropped out. After DOSTI was introduced, I re-joined the school and have been attending it regularly. I have been taking a lot of interest, not only in studies but in all the other DOSTI activities” – Zeeshan Ali, Student of Girls School # 2, Sarai Alamgir, Gujrat

“We all love DOSTI activities so much as it has helped us a lot in seeing a better world, where everyone is accepted as they are. It has also brought us closer to each other” – Students, Girls and Boys Schools, Killi Sardar Badini, Nushki

“The DOSTI sessions have been instrumental in bringing out the hidden talents of our children and providing them a safe platform where they can confidently showcase these abilities” – Asif Ali, Parent Girls School 60 Mile, Nawabshah.