There are few platforms available to have important discussions around women’s empowerment, wellbeing, economic prospects, the threat of environmental challenges and how they impact women, challenges of online education, portrayal of women in the media, and many more.

The British Council Pakistan launched an online series Live with WOW Women under the banner of WOW – Women of the World Festival in June 2020.

Introduced in the backdrop of Covid-19, the purpose of the weekly series is to invite women from diverse fields to talk about how their sector has been impacted by the pandemic and what they are doing to support their communities and greater society. It is a digital approach to connect with our audiences via social media channel of Instagram; providing a safe space for discussion to continue dialogue around gender equality and to promote some of the great responses during this challenging time. The online sessions provide a gender focused perspective of how this situation has affected the guests as individuals and what tips and tools they are using to keep themselves motivated.

What started as a small forum has blossomed into a platform watched by 10,466 viewers to date. The aim of these online sessions is to keep the conversation going to help, challenge gender norms, inspire women to take on more proactive roles and for organisations to join the cause.

Tune in every Friday at 4 pm to the British Council Pakistan’s Instagram page to catch the next edition of Live with WOW Women to connect and to be inspired.

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